Our Mission

Revolutionize the way businesses utilize robotics by offering a hassle-free mobility platform

Provide businesses with an operationally efficient platform that allows them to easily integrate robotics into their business with flexibility and minimal financial risk.

Our Story

Inspired by intermodal shipping.

It's not just where we got the name.

The colorful, tightly packed containers you see covering ships and docks didn't always exist. They came about in the 1960's and revolutionized the global shipping industry. Their standardization, low cost, and ease of use allowed logistics and transportation companies of all kinds to explode, but also helped merchants around the world ship more at lower costs.

All great industries that have changed our world started from a solid platform, be it hardware or software. They inspired and guided entrepreneurs to build on those platforms and improve our lives. At Intermode, we aspire that our Modal platform can usher in that change to unlock the benefits of mobile robotics for the world.

Meet the team
The Intermode co-founders have been building things together for a while.

Over the past decade, we've raced electric solar cars at the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, designed and tested electric and autonomous vehicles at Ford Motor Company, and built businesses in Ford's mobility incubator, FordX.

Now, we're joining up again to create Intermode where we hope we'll build the future for autonomous delivery.

Arnold Kadiu, Co-Founder & CEO

Led development of the solar car before working on secret projects at Ford. Resident mechanical engineer, machinist, and overall ideas guy. Always working on at least 12 projects at once.

Ann Larson, Co-Founder

Michigan native with experience stress testing electric cars. Responsible for anything with more moving electrons than usual. Volunteers to move puppies on a regular basis.