The Modal

Start with our standardize platform, buy off the shelf or customize to suit.
Fully serviced as low as $160/month.

More than a skateboard

We start with the platform

Durable and heavy-duty, able to handle bumps and terrain without charging for days.

Our automotive grade EV platform really is built like a car—high-capacity battery pack, independent 4WD, four-wheel Ackermann steering, full suspension, front & rear brakes. Features that let you drive fast in the bike lane and confidently around pedestrians, all the way to your customer's door.

On top of it all, a durable and easily replaceable body protects the chassis while maintaining a high ground clearance. The chassis also includes the central electronics with a professional CAN interface for controls and data. Flashy lights are standard, too.

Don't compromise on space

Add storage

Two large lockers to hold groceries, pizzas, dog food... you name it.

Our compartments are big open containers that are easy to load items in and out. Each locker remotely opens and closes and has a hard lock for security. No one is stealing from this delivery robot! Lockers also feature interior lighting and carpet lining.

Think you need something different? Reach out. We make it easy to enable your custom application.

Customized to your vision

Integrate your sensors and compute

Tell us how you want to interact with the world; we'll do the rest.

The 'hat' secured on top of the Modal is the centralized location for your sensor and compute stack. It's vantage point has a great field of view for cameras or lidars with minimal interference. Inside, we'll make sure your sensors are firmly mounted and electronics are actively cooled to keep everything running as intended.

And when your sensors and requirements change, we'll upgrade just as often as you do. Want sensors somewhere else? Let us know, we'll make it easy.

Technical specifications

Modal Exterior Dimensions

2 ft wide x 4 ft long x 4 ft high*

Cargo Storage Areas

2 individual lockers with independent close and lock

Cargo Weight Capacity

250 lbs total*

Cargo Interior Capacity

4.5 cu ft each (9 cuft total)

Max Speed

25 mph

Ground Clearance

4 in minimum

Operating Domain

Sidewalk, bike lane, shoulder of road, grass, etc

Controls Interface

High speed CAN 2.0B


Electric, available in front or all wheel drive


Custom lithium-ion pack with battery management system (BMS), multiple capacities available

Steering System

Ackerman steering, available in front or all wheel steering


Independent hydraulic brakes, front and rear

Exterior Lighting

LED front and rear lighting, headlights, brake lights, amber turn signals

* Dependent on sensor/compute configuration

Worry free leases. Guaranteed.

Modals are offered as a subscription lease service. One monthly price includes a Modal to your specifications with these additional benefits. This isn't just a recurring revenue hack, our continual partnership makes sure we're always making our platforms better for you.



All preventative maintenance of the platform is covered at no cost to you. That means no repair staff, no wear tracking, and no downtime. That's one less thing to worry about.



Your success is our success. Things will go wrong, so when they do, we'll be there to make it right and prevent it in the future. Trust us, we're in it for the long haul.



We're constantly improving the Modal platform. So as units come in for maintenance, they may come back with the newest gen parts. Just imagine if they did that for your car...

All this as low as $160 a month. Why wouldn't you get one?